An amazing camera

I recently took my Kodak digital camera to the shop for repair but was told that it would be cheaper to buy a new camera.

I ended up buying a new Canon IXUX 8015 (10 megapixels) for under $200 and was amazed when it arrived. It is so tiny yet packs a giant amount of functionality into its small case. It even records up to an hour of sound video in high resolution. It has all sorts of incredible functions that are fully automated such as panoramic shots that automatically join each part of the panorama together, automatic red-eye reduction, facial memory to make sure a person’s face remains in focus when the camera is moved, automatic movement detection when picture taking, 12 zoom.  I could go on and on, yet the camera is so tiny (90 mm x 60 mm x 20 mm approx.) It does way more than my older camera at a fraction of the size and less than 1/5 of the cost.

I’d recommend it to anyone wanting a smll, low cost camera still and movie camera that really packs a punch.


GREAT BOOK—Dealing with Jerks and Difficult People


This one of the most practical books I’ve read in a long time. While written from a Christian perspective, most of the practical issues can be applied by people of any religious persuasion.

Here are some snippets from Chapter 1.

  • “In its simplest form, being a jerk means “being selfish.”
  • The root cause of jerkiness is a sense of selfish “entitlement” that is both inborn and learned.”Entitlement” simply says, I deserve to act, be or have what I want.
  • Roughly speaking, we see the general population breaking down this way:
    40 percent First-Degree Jerks
    40 percent Second-Degree Jerks
    10 percent Nth-Degree Jerks.
    …you will see that that adds up to only 90 percent…Somewhere out there are people who have conquered all their jerky tendencies. We call these people Mature Adults.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, men (as a group) are not more jerky than women…according to records kept on the MMPI [Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory] the millions of males and millions of females who have taken the test have scored equally.
  • In our clinics, we have observed the enormous grief and human suffering that have occurred due to the tragic emotional fallout of the Me Generation.
  • In the following chapters I want to show you:
    • How to recover from jerk abuse
    • How to strongly prevent or at least curtail abuse from jerks
    • How to deal with your masochistic tendencies and their roots such as false guilt, and a sense of pervading shame that you probably aren’t even aware of, but it all sets you up for jerk abuse, just the same.

Below are extracts from the tables listing the characteristics of the 3 different degrees of jerks followed by the Maturity test.











I can’t recommend this book highly enough. It’s also a good book for determining whether you are one of those jerks he talks about.

Elderly — delirium — hallucinations — oxygen

Some time back my aged father (mid 90’s) was taken to hospital suffering with severe hallucinations. At the time, most people thought it was the medication he was on. This has continued on and off for weeks, much to Dad’s discomfort and stress.

We’ve recently discovered that a major cause has been lack of oxygen, which in turn has been a major contributing factor to his sleep apnoea.

Lack of oxygen can be a primary cause of delirium and hallucinations.

All this means that those caring for aged people need to take particular care with their diagnosis.  The hostel where Dad lives has decided to keep him there, manage his oxygen intake and not keep sending him to hospital.

Here are some useful links.

Diagnosis and Prevention of Delirium in Elderly People

Delerium (sudden confusion)

Postoperative delirium: treatment with supplementary oxygen – Health topics – Delirium

British Geriatrics Society – Guidelines-delirium in older people in hospital

God has a plan to heal Michael Jackson

Some readers will not agree with the religious sentiments in this article, but it is the most well balanced piece of journalism on Michael that I have ever read. written by my friend William Bowmer, it is well worth reading through just to see what balanced journalism is like.

“Deeply loved by his fans, Michael Jackson was nevertheless a polarizing figure. Will he be remembered for the wide-eyed exuberance he showed as a pre-teen sensation in The Jackson 5? Will he be lauded for “We Are the World” and its charitable outreach to starving Africa? Or will he simply be “Wacko Jacko”—a confused narcissist and alleged pedophile who literally seemed uncomfortable in his own skin, who by the end of his life had become a walking advertisement for the dangers of too much plastic surgery?”



In December 2008 I wrote to many of my friends, telling them about the cancer i had developed. Since then I’ve had many requests for an update which I prepared and sent back individually. I’ve really appreciated the concerns and since there have been so many requests I thought it easier to just add the update to a special blog and keep it up to date on a regular basis.

You will find the blog here: Living with tonsil & Lymph Cancer.

Supermarket salads—hidden danger

We’ve been buying packaged salads—”ready to eat” according to the supermarkets and no need to wash first. They helped save a lot of time, which has been valuable to us given our circumstances.

However, we discovered yesterday how they do it.

They wash the salads in Chlorine solution.

So we’ve decided to continue growing salad greens in our own organic garden and washing them ourselves.


Treorchy Male Choir


Last night Trish and I went to the Llewellyn  Hall at the Canberra School of Music to see and listen to the Treorchy Male Choir. It was a belated wedding anniversary event for us but well worth the night out—something we ought to do more often. We had a fantastic night and the opening brought tears to my eyes as the choir sang “With a Voice of Singing”, a choral item that I have conducted many times over the years, but nowhere like the sound that this choir produced.

The music was wide ranging from opera to an Abba medley as well as soloists and a magnificent organist and pianist to accompany them.

It was the best night out we’ve had in years, in spite of the Canberra cold winter’s night.

The Treorchy Male Choir is still touring Australia and New Zealand and worth seeing.

I had first joined a choir as a boy at Canterbury Boys High School in Sydney. We had a superb choir there under the direction of James Gormley, the school’s music master. The choir was so good that it was selected to sing at the Anzac Concert each year in the Sydney Town Hall. Below is a photograph taken at the concert in 1955.


Later I was to sing in various church choirs and also to conduct on many occasions, which was a tremendous experience. Seeing the Treorchy choir brought back many magnificent memories.